Joanna Olga Paliszkiewicz

After completing her master’s degree in 1999, Dr. Joanna Paliszkiewicz was employed as an assistant professor at the Technical University of Czestochowa, Poland. At the time, her main topic of research was intellectual capital. In 2004 she earned her PhD. Her multiple research writings were published in scholarly outlets including a book entitled “Development of organization by management of intellectual capital”.  In 2006 she moved from Czestochowa to Warsaw to start employment at Warsaw University of Life Sciences where she was conducting research in the area of knowledge management. In 2009 she earned her habilitation degree. As a result, she published her research in the form of articles and the book entitled “Knowledge management in small and medium enterprises – concept of estimating and models”. In 2011 she was promoted to the rank of  professor at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Her research in the area of trust management began after 2009.

Dr. Paliszkiewicz was the recipient of a research project grant supported by the Polish Ministry of Sciences and Higher Education.  Her research work on this grant appeared in the 2013 book “Trust in management” and other scholarly publishing outlets.  She was taking part in different research projects usually as leader. In addition to acquiring her research experience in Poland,  she was a part of many scholarship endeavours in Ireland, Egypt, and Slovakia. She was actively involved in participating and presenting research results in international conferences.

Currently, Dr. J. Paliszkiewicz serves as the deputy editor in chief of the international journal, Management and Production Engineering Review.  In addition, she serves as a member of editorial board of several reputable and high impact international journals such Expert System with Application and the Journal of Computer Information Systems. Dr. Paliszkiewicz has successfully supervised Ph.D. students leading them to completion of their degrees.  She has also served as a external reviewer for several Ph.D. students including a one in the University of Vaasa in Finland in 2011. Dr. Paliszkiewicz serves as the director of PhD study at Faculty of Economics of Warsaw University of Life Sciences since 2011. She has supervised over 40 master degrees theses at Warsaw University of Life Sciences.  She has also written 75 reviews of master degree theses. She is actively involved in participating in scientific committees of many international conferences.  She was chair of scientific committee of International Farm Management Congress IFMA 19, which was held in July 2013 at Warsaw University of Life Sciences.